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Metal Books

Metal Books

Printed on a Metal comic book cover that help protect the comic... 

  • Writer: Herschel Forge

    Pencil/Ink/Color: Sami Beh


    Synopsis: Born into science and raised by magic Mosi James has vowed to unite the continent, his enemy is set on doing the same. War is on the horizon and sacrifice must be made, Mosi will give it his all. Will that

    be enough?

    Almost Amerika 
  • Writer: Herschel Forge

    Pencil/Ink: Imam Wahyudi

    Color: Sami Beh


    Synopsis: Just when Marquise thinks all is doomed, super natural forces pull him into a world that he could never have imagined giving him a chance for redemption, but there will be choices

    to make.

    Midnight Rider 
  • Writer: Herschel Forge

    Pencil/Ink/Color: Jo Wong


    Synopsis: Thirty years after a devastating global event. Corye Lynn is set on a journey to uncover the truth about what happened

    to the world.

    Corye Lynn 

Almost Amerika #1